The Zone of Comfort


         A good friend of mine sent me an interesting text at about eight oh three, asking why I have not posted an article at my designated time (every Thursday 8pm). I thought to myself; first of all, I’m still amazed that people take the time to read my articles plus my poems and two, how do I say that I’m not posting one until later? Here I am, a few hours and a few snoozed alarms later. Finishing a promised article on a Thursday.

         Two months. It takes roughly two months for a person to form a new habit. On the plus side, it takes that same two months to break it. So think of something you do on a daily basis and realize that it took you about two months to naturally make it apart of your daily routine. For instance whenever I do not spend the night at my boyfriends house I wake up at the time he wakes up naturally. Not because I want to (because I do LOVE my sleep) but because I’ve grown accustom to it. Same thing with driving the same route to work or to home. Your mind, your body become accustomed to these things. It just becomes natural.

          This can be good but on another end of the spectrum can be a bit conforming. You do the same thing over and over and over again you become comfortable. Now think if you just shook one thing in your life out of place. Instead of going to sleep at 12p you go to sleep at 9 and are well rested for your day. Or you take a different route to work instead of the same boring one. I’m not saying that routines are stupid (they are) but sometimes changing things up can benefit you. Step out of your comfort zone, if you aren’t feeling uncomfortable what are you really learning?