Three Hours Till Midnight

Who am I to define you? Who am I to judge?

Who am I to say your closet is full?

When skeletons pour out of mine


Everyday I pray I mature, to say the least

My brother died last month, i’m still not at peace

My heart is heavy, I cried three times


When I spoke it out loud for the first time

When my sister brought it up the second

And when I cried in my mother's arms the third


No matter how hard I screamed, only silence was heard


I tolerate pain better than most

My idle mind thinks, what my lips havent spoke

Straight face yet, still taken as a joke


My passionate ways mistaken for insanity

I’m misunderstood, they just can't handle me  


I get bold under pressure

I’m coal under pressure


“How long did it take for you to figure it out?”


When I lived in the moment

Focused on the future

Left the past, in the past


And when realized only a wise person

knows: no question is too dumb to ask