Clo 2.0

I close my eyes

To discover the new

The complex views

I bask in the radiance

The radiance

I chose to choose

A positive outlook is better than none

  My patience has gotten better than some

      Of my younger years

I’ve learned not to compare

My success with the one next to mine

My star will shine, in its own time

Until then, enjoy the life

                  Enjoy the vibe

What’s the difference between you and I?

For there is none,

Why would I knock you down

  To bring me up me up some?

Why would I bring you down

    To make a come up?

For what’s the purpose of being divided

I hear the talks of competition

All I hear is repetition

  Lacking all plus stimulation

What’s the situation?

People talk behind my back

  Because they think that I lack

    The common sense of the bridge

        Of how they think and how I act

Oblivious to how I react to the situation

They try to read my mind and are perplexed

To the situation

I’ve been day dreaming

But reality is setting in

For once, my mind isn’t clouded

Expressions I once doubted

Have been here to set me free

Emotions that have taken over me

Now have no control over me

Rest assured, I feel better

I move different, clearer vision

Humble woman but my third eye winking