Dragon Slayer

What is color

Seems black and white

What is black and white

seems color

How do you know when you’ve reached

The end of a clif?

When you look down or when you fall?

How do you know

How do you know

Anger is crazy

It makes you do things

I’ve heard things but I ignore them

But my subconscious holds on to them

I not perfect, my flaws ooze out of me

Yet I still wake up and call beauty upon me

Peace of mind is what I scream

Lucid love is what I dream

I ponder on thoughts and never mention them

I have been to the edge of a clif and

never dived in

My older brother died when

we were getting close

Grief is inevitable

How you deal with it

Is unmanageable

I’ve made intangible things

Haunt me, for many years

Here I am, take me as I am

Whoever you are, I am here

I am me, flaws and all

I am ready to attack the beast

Ive awoken, its better now

Than when I was broken