9:14 EST

My head is pulsating

My mind is wondering into

Depths that were not recognized

I have emotions suppressed

So low I am unaware of

The time

The date

The place

In which they resonated from

I fill with anger quick

Not this

Not that

Not that

But this

Indecisiveness carries itself

To the battle fields of the front line

I watch and I observe

I analyze and I decipher

I am so drained, my lips once spoke

Easy words for myself to binge off

Now words cannot define how I feel

Inevitably, words are thrown at me

Tarnishing who I have made myself to be

I am easy to fall in love with because no one

Dares uncover the raw part of me

Barely touching the surface

They are nervous because the real me

Makes them uncomfortable

“I thought you were different”

I am, I am no love you will ever encounter again

My love, enhances yours until I am ready

Ready to disconnect,

Subtle lies you tell me so I can believe

So I can achieve full submission

Until my third eye, wakes

Until my third eye awakens

To ask myself “why, oh why are you here?”

My love runs too deep for her because I make

Foolish decision without her, I cringe

I sob I shed tears

I look at myself and regain myself

Ask myself, why are you here ?