Ode to Anthony

Because that is your middle name

For you use to complain and say

“All your bad poems are about me”

I couldn’t deny the truth

For it set me free

I’ve grown accustomed to understanding you

  Understanding the boy, inside the man of you

    Took a step back to look at the grand-er view

My body has grown accustomed to you intimately

I don’t say it often but she craves you

Your touch, your feel, your imprint

Life with out you. What is it?

Our tables have sometimes not dealt

The best cards for you and I

But we manage to make our way back

I can only speak for myself

I do love you, I know that is for certain

In a room full of people

My soul

My heart

My eyes

Gravitate towards you

  I’ve never fell love like this

The perfect fairy tale I’ve envisioned

Has been misconstrued

Reality took me by the neck

And kissed the raw, the uncut version of love

The version of love that lies between me and you

I used to picture what our future would be like

Not focused on the moments we shared currently

I used to dwell in the past

because I wanted to find

I took one new approach, dealing with you now

Because that is where our memories live

Manifesting into what we are

Perfect is a ploy, take my hand let’s enjoy

Our time we have with each other

Take a breath and vibe with each other

I look at you and I don’t want any other

The good times, the bad times

The first time I heard you rhyme

The first time I saw you laugh

The first time I saw you get angry

The first time I saw you cry

The first time I saw your face between my thighs

A different side, I saw of you

I live for moments like that

I indulge in every part of you

the good,

the bad,

the ugly parts of you

I kiss your spine every morning

To send my love through you

Create with me, stay with me

Never lead me astray

And if we ever do part ways, I say in advance

Je suis désolé