Scattered Pain, No Pick Me Up

Words are potent

The ones unsaid

Are the most dangerous

The ones said

are the most contagious

I hear people around me

Talking, I listen quietly

I observe actions

They perceive the hidden meaning

When I say stop

Why does motion still move?

Do my words hold no value?

Or is motion as rebellious as I am?



Quiet nights, dark skies

No star insight but the one in my eye

The one I hold close to,

when times like this happen

I never know how to react

Until I have reacted

My emotions take over me

All the hurt I have harvested

Took its toll on me



I told my mother once

My poems stem from pain

That’s how I release

The toxic, the toxic, the toxic

The word pain is short

But it cuts deep

I feel it

I hear it

I don’t see it

If I saw it, would I avoid it?

Probably not

For I know no better




I know no better