The Bad, The Good

He said,

“If you don’t love me, why are you involved?”

I paused, I couldn’t answer him at least not then

I didn’t want to, but I hurt him

Trying to find myself, I lost him

I experienced love, without him

With the whole of me

I took back my half

Of the hole in me

Can’t you see,

My broken heart was mended by me

I found the happiness

I thought would never see me

Can’t you see my smile in its purest form?

Why aren’t you happy for me?

Was it cause I wasn’t happy with you?

Or cause you never reciprocated

The love I gave to you?

I cried one too many tears for you

My one fear was losing you until I lost you

Now I bounced back, I gained back

What I lost back then

The confidence, the poise

The sense of rejoice

Knowing I love me

More than you ever could

But only out of bad, comes good