Soft spoken

With an uneasy mind

Torn between: this and that

The area that makes up the fine line

Perfection. Precision. Passion

These are the things that keep her at ease

Curiosity. Craving. Conspiracy

These are the things that keep her idle mind

Conflicted and constricted

Close but never jumping of the cliff of insanity

“Who will ever love me, for how I love them?”

Her love is like rushing water unable to freeze

Unable to be restricted, never kept in a box

Always overlooked but kept on the watch

Kept on the look out, everyone wants her love

The love they yearn, they crave

She is willing to give, willingly


Her love is not understood

So they envy it and don’t acknowledge it

But use it as a blueprint for acknowledgment

A rare commodity that has no explanation

That has no end nor beginning

Pure and praised

Praised and pure

“You’re mine but am I yours?”

Do you appreciate me for who I am?

                                      for who I’ve been!

                                      for what I am?

                                      for what I’ve been?

Can you appreciate the progress?

Can you appreciate the process?

Can you promise me, the more I love

          you won’t love less?

Because I am at a crossroads

I’ve been hidden for one to many times

And my love is running dry

The love I give, they take with them

Just to end with me, to start with someone else

“Why haven’t I stopped loving you ask?”

Because I believe in love when love doesn’t believe in itself.

I hold its standard higher than the highest expectation

I crave it, bask in it

Because love is unapologetic

Raw, uncut, uneasy

Hard to swallow, hard to fathom

I pray for love and I pray for love

I pray I get what I reciprocate to love

I pray I get the one that embodies it

Never harvest it, but always expresses it

Never neglects it, but protects it

Never shames it, but praises it

Never ignores it, but attends to it

Never blind to it, but always has eyes for it

Never lets me forget

that at the crossroads

I chose the path of love

And not the one of regret

Because I knew that path

Would have all my expectations met