Bittersweet Chocolate

When I look at you,

The first thing that draws me in

Is your beautiful, ebony, dark skin

Cut from a different cloth I wasn’t aware of

You’re like a bad habit, I can’t seem to get rid of

I’m the honey caramel to your, Bittersweet Chocolate

You gave me the lock, but my key couldn’t unlock it

Two different worlds, two different views

Two different souls, two different paths

I once deemed you as my unit

But sure enough your actions would prove it

That this, wasn’t it

Effortlessly your ebony painted over your masculinity

Every dream I wanted with you, you already made it a reality

I was a pit stop, I was fed words

I was fed promises, my heart, my soul

You held hostages


That’s my problem now a days

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Frivolous of me I let it slip to my wrist for all to see

The raw, uncut, hopeless romantic in me

Maybe why I cannot find love is

Beause I’m so in love with love.

Nobody embodies him

Sadly not even you

My beautiful black man

Your problems I wish you didn’t have them

I wish your repaint the picture

Society tried to paint you in

I wish you love your skin for how I do

You embody the rawest of reality

with one look at you

I wish you carefree and I wish you bliss

As I leave I will miss

Your touch

Your laugh

Your eyes watching me

As I watch you

As you hold me, while I hold you

As you kiss back and my neck too

It’s sad I wasn’t enough for you


So I say ciao

Not as hello but but as farewell

You will always forever be

the black man I pictured

In my fairytales