A Daisy, for my Daisy

I’m the flower you neglected

You deprived the water I needed

Watched me wilt then, you left

Left not knowing my roots were planted

Deep, deep, in the soil of manifestation

I turned my growth to the sun

Most know him as Allah, I know him as love

Years of pain, years of tears

Watching my pedals drop

Knowing they will never return

I’ve grown now, my stem has shown now

All the pain I’ve endured

I watched you plant other flowers

Tender touch, tender touch

Your green thumb was a poison to me

I grew myself, and became the daisy

I was meant to be

Now you look from afar, astonished

At the beautiful flower in your vision

Watching it bask under the sunlight

Such a pretty sight to see

Not knowing that flower is the one you left

I am that flower, that flower is me