How could I love you, any less

than I love you now?

Impossible, my love - our love grows

Your walls are chipping down

The patient lady in me

Waits for you because I see you have been left

Right here I will stay beside you

Watch you grow into the man

Watch you grow into the father

Watch you grow into us

I admire you when you are alone

In your thoughts, I watch from a distance

I take more than a glimpse because to me

You are perfect, to me you are worth it

Worth the fights

Worth the tears

Worth the laughs

Worth the fears

Worth the time

Worth the years

I think about you constantly

My mind knows you more than I have

She remembers the memories

The ones we have and have not yet made

Lately I’ve held you closer because I feel safer

My man, my partner, my pea in my pod

Create with me, stay with me

Call me crazy but you know I’m passionate

This is me paying homage to you

                  paying homage to me

                  paying homage to us

Take your time with me your lady, your daisy

I’ve been hurt so many times

but love is second nature to me

That’s why I can give it you

        cause I believe in it - I believe in you

Take my hand don’t let go, watch me grow

Into the flower they said I would never bloom to be

Watch me take chances, watch me fall and be right there to pick me up and brush me off

Watch me fight with myself because I believe in myself but I can’t believe I’m not pushing myself

Then you come and talk to me and remind me

The rain always comes before the sun arises

The same love you give to me I will give to you

A billion times over,

        Just so god forbid if we must say the words

                      “We are over”

We have taught each other

what real love feels like

      The meaning of reciprocity forever

      Embedded in us, my love runs deep for you

      Both now and forever,