When I give you my love

I give you all of it, nothing less of it

I hope you run with it, always cherish it

The peace of mind that I give you

could never be duplicated

I put you at ease because our love

Is always reciprocated

You whisper in my ear,

every time that you are near

To remind me, you’re always behind me

Through support and when my back is arched

In the most literal sense

I presented my flaws

I threw them on the table

You held them

You depicted them

You deciphered them

And now you praise them

As I do the same for you

You hold me, you never control me

My tears aren’t present with you

Unless mixed with laughter

Because we both understand our corny nature

I smile at you, and you kiss me back

I in,      you

I won’t say love because love ends

And with you there is no ends

Just beginnings

My soul speaks when she’s near you

  “He’s whom I’ve been waiting for”

Is what she tells me, I’ve never felt her so happy

Not since I met you

My unit, forever my muse