The Lady On The Train

Patterns form 

When careless wrongs 

Are not corrected, 

When comforted words discontinue 

A nesting feeling

Anger and rage 

Rage and anger

Why has your mind

Ventured into the depth 

Where bystanders have controlled 

Where bystanders have watched

    Watched you become insane

Let me pull you back, let excitement 

Fill your belly like a new babe upon 

It’s mothers bosom 

For they say Eve came from Adam

   But Adam came from Eve

For she is the tree of life

Lips supple like dew in the springiest of mornings

Yourself you haven’t been lately 

Patiently you wait to grasp her

You miss her everytime like a grand central train

As soon, as you let out a reach 

The doors have closed and you go

Wandering around waiting for her to come 

Waiting for you to miss her

Once again

You keep missing her because you are her

She does not turn around 

because you are her past 

You search for her because she is your future

She is the one you long for

How do you get to her?

My dear through you

If change is what you want

Find the change in you