Ode to my Inner Daisy

Curiosity stems the breeding grounds of knowledge, and the lack there of

Learning more from mistakes I’ve made

Not once, not twice maybe not even a third

Perfection is what I strive for, yet am I pushing myself close to it? Am I aware of the movement?

Different motions derived from emotions embedded so deep the seed has sprouted and made a mess of weeds in the garden we call knowledge

Look carefully, look deeper, look at the details

A daisy sprouted out of all the chaos

A beautiful flower amongst the weary weeds

Will she grow? I believe so

Time has passed and you see manifestation

Less weeds more daisy’s, do you see this? Or am I crazy?

All bad in the world, suppressed by the love of a daisy.



When I give you my love

I give you all of it, nothing less of it

I hope you run with it, always cherish it

The peace of mind that I give you

could never be duplicated

I put you at ease because our love

Is always reciprocated

You whisper in my ear,

every time that you are near

To remind me, you’re always behind me

Through support and when my back is arched

In the most literal sense

I presented my flaws

I threw them on the table

You held them

You depicted them

You deciphered them

And now you praise them

As I do the same for you

You hold me, you never control me

My tears aren’t present with you

Unless mixed with laughter

Because we both understand our corny nature

I smile at you, and you kiss me back

I am....so.... in,      you

I won’t say love because love ends

And with you there is no ends

Just beginnings

My soul speaks when she’s near you

  “He’s whom I’ve been waiting for”

Is what she tells me, I’ve never felt her so happy

Not since I met you

My unit, forever my muse



How could I love you, any less

than I love you now?

Impossible, my love - our love grows

Your walls are chipping down

The patient lady in me

Waits for you because I see you have been left

Right here I will stay beside you

Watch you grow into the man

Watch you grow into the father

Watch you grow into us

I admire you when you are alone

In your thoughts, I watch from a distance

I take more than a glimpse because to me

You are perfect, to me you are worth it

Worth the fights

Worth the tears

Worth the laughs

Worth the fears

Worth the time

Worth the years

I think about you constantly

My mind knows you more than I have

She remembers the memories

The ones we have and have not yet made

Lately I’ve held you closer because I feel safer

My man, my partner, my pea in my pod

Create with me, stay with me

Call me crazy but you know I’m passionate

This is me paying homage to you

                  paying homage to me

                  paying homage to us

Take your time with me your lady, your daisy

I’ve been hurt so many times

but love is second nature to me

That’s why I can give it you

        cause I believe in it - I believe in you

Take my hand don’t let go, watch me grow

Into the flower they said I would never bloom to be

Watch me take chances, watch me fall and be right there to pick me up and brush me off

Watch me fight with myself because I believe in myself but I can’t believe I’m not pushing myself

Then you come and talk to me and remind me

The rain always comes before the sun arises

The same love you give to me I will give to you

A billion times over,

        Just so god forbid if we must say the words

                      “We are over”

We have taught each other

what real love feels like

      The meaning of reciprocity forever

      Embedded in us, my love runs deep for you

      Both now and forever,



Bittersweet Chocolate

When I look at you,

The first thing that draws me in

Is your beautiful, ebony, dark skin

Cut from a different cloth I wasn’t aware of

You’re like a bad habit, I can’t seem to get rid of

I’m the honey caramel to your, Bittersweet Chocolate

You gave me the lock, but my key couldn’t unlock it

Two different worlds, two different views

Two different souls, two different paths

I once deemed you as my unit

But sure enough your actions would prove it

That this, wasn’t it

Effortlessly your ebony painted over your masculinity

Every dream I wanted with you, you already made it a reality

I was a pit stop, I was fed words

I was fed promises, my heart, my soul

You held hostages


That’s my problem now a days

I wear my heart on my sleeve

Frivolous of me I let it slip to my wrist for all to see

The raw, uncut, hopeless romantic in me

Maybe why I cannot find love is

Beause I’m so in love with love.

Nobody embodies him

Sadly not even you

My beautiful black man

Your problems I wish you didn’t have them

I wish your repaint the picture

Society tried to paint you in

I wish you love your skin for how I do

You embody the rawest of reality

with one look at you

I wish you carefree and I wish you bliss

As I leave I will miss

Your touch

Your laugh

Your eyes watching me

As I watch you

As you hold me, while I hold you

As you kiss back and my neck too

It’s sad I wasn’t enough for you


So I say ciao

Not as hello but but as farewell

You will always forever be

the black man I pictured

In my fairytales


A Daisy, for my Daisy

I’m the flower you neglected

You deprived the water I needed

Watched me wilt then, you left

Left not knowing my roots were planted

Deep, deep, in the soil of manifestation

I turned my growth to the sun

Most know him as Allah, I know him as love

Years of pain, years of tears

Watching my pedals drop

Knowing they will never return

I’ve grown now, my stem has shown now

All the pain I’ve endured

I watched you plant other flowers

Tender touch, tender touch

Your green thumb was a poison to me

I grew myself, and became the daisy

I was meant to be

Now you look from afar, astonished

At the beautiful flower in your vision

Watching it bask under the sunlight

Such a pretty sight to see

Not knowing that flower is the one you left

I am that flower, that flower is me